What are the different types of tiles in tile Toronto?

27/10/2012 23:01

There are many different types of Tile In Toronto; you can choose the best ones by considering your budget. There are different types of tiles available for wall tiles, flooring tiles, bath room tiles and swimming pool tiles, and porch tiles. You can choose from a great variety of tiles, but the most popular tiles are the ceramic tiles. Glazed ceramic tiles are the most popular ones in homes and offices. Unglazed tiles can be used in commercial tiling projects. The second most popular tiles are the quarry tiles, that are in use in the UK for hundred of years. These are made of fired earth and clay, mostly. These tiles are frequently used in commercial areas, such as in kitchens of big restaurants and food chains. These tiles are extremely durable, and are considered a traditional option for flooring. These tiles can also be used in the porch area, the only hiccup is that these tiles are very thick, thus the flooring requires more labor time and budget. Tile Toronto gives you a wide range and option of tiles for flooring and walls. You can select the tiles according to your budget and type of interior. Then there are the terracotta tiles, but these tiles are not as durable as the quarry tiles because they are very absorbent. So, not a good option for kitchen flooring or bathroom flooring, you may have to use a sealant on the top of the tiles to avoid any breaking of tiles. Porcelain tiles are very similar to ceramic tiles and are economical and very durable. These are less absorbent than ceramic tiles, and you can also get them glazed for more shine and color. Granite tiles are also very popular in home improvement jobs, but smooth finish granite can be very slippery.

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